Carina van Pelt-Sterrenburg
"Memory is a place we can't be exiled from"

After a busy period in the life of Carina van Pelt, there was suddenly a need to do something creative. It became painting. It immediately became an intensive hobby. This started with a painting course for beginners at the Toon Foundation, continued by the IKO Art Academy in Hoogstraten, Belgium.

Collage technique
Carina uses collage technique for the design of her paintings. She makes a collage of her vacation photos, creating a new image. In practice, they are often somewhat older photos. These bring her back to the places where she had good times.

Another characteristic of her paintings is some alienation. The canvases have something magical, which keeps them fascinating. You keep looking at it. This is in line with Carina's intention. It is not important to her that the viewer sees exactly what the image is about. She primarily wants to treat her viewers to a fascinating image that is balanced in terms of composition and color.

Loving jury comments
Carina delivered these fascinating images during her graduation from the IKO Art Academy and received praising jury comments. The jury spoke of balanced compositions that clearly demanded a lot of effort, while the works only appear cheerful and light-hearted.